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What's a CKD Cat to Eat

This has been a controversial subject for a very long time.  Many veterinarians feel the cat should be switched to a prescription diet food immediately.  That their protein and phosphorus should be less than that of a healthy cat.  Some feel that a cat needs moderate protein levels until they reach a stage 4 CKD (then changed to a diet prescription).  Cats need protein to survive. Without it, their body goes into a starvation mode and begins to feed off the muscle, which in turn, leads to muscle loss and weakness.  It has never been proven that a low protein diet has helped a cat with CKD, nor has it ever been proven that a diet with moderate protein levels have done harm to a CKD cat.  


There are two websites that offer a complete list of foods available today.  Those are  and


When using these charts, keep the phosphorus no greater than 0.70% and protein no more than 35%


Once the cat has reached stage 4, if you prefer, you can then change them (slowly) over to a renal prescription diet.  You will also find these on the food charts.  


If you are feeding your cat a raw diet, he/she may remain on that, but make sure it is made with ground eggshells rather than ground bones.  If phosphorus is too high (over 6), add the proper dose of phosphorus binder to the raw food with plenty of water. 

Always keep in mind YOUR CAT MUST EAT.  Sometimes Gerber's stage 2 (the 2.5 oz jars) with just meat, and a touch of cornstarch.  Non-toxic to our kitties.  Beechnut Stage 1 is also an excellent choice.   We use baby food as a "go to" food if they do not have an appetite.  Syringing the baby food will also help him/her to feel better and they may just begin feeding on their own once again.

If you have need to join the group, Admins- Andrew Hall, Janna Marie Lotherington and Meghan Waals can help you in greater depth with diets.  Janna and Meghan specifically with raw diets.