My name is Nancy Wizner, and I am the founder and Admin of the Facebook group, FELINE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE.  I began this group in 2013 in honor of my precious girl, Stashia Louise, who was diagnosed with CKD at the age of 8, and passed at the age of 18.  It was a long road and quite costly, but she was worth every penny to give her 10 extra years of life.  We used to call her our "Million Dollar Kitty."   She did not leave this world in vain.  Each day we help many get through another tough time.

We are a group consisting of 15,000+  members and we continue to grow each day.  With the help of 14 wonderful ladies and one dear gentleman, we extend our services to all ends of the earth in hopes of bringing comfort and support to many who go down this same path.  We are not vets, but we do have several years of experience in different feline health areas.   If you are not already a member, and have a kitty with CKD, the link is:    We are a very caring and compassionate group.  

This site is devoted to each and every cat who either has or had chronic kidney disease.  Here are few......

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 10.01.27

Boots ~ 2018

Nillie ~ 2019

Pepper ~ currently CKD